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Get The Facts: The Countering CCP Drones Act Will Hinder The American Drone Ecosystem

A recent hearing on the “Countering CCP Drones Act” (also known as HR 2864) references several unsubstantiated allegations about DJI drones, yet did not discuss what the bill’s restrictions would mean for countless drone users across America. 

DJI drones are used by a range of operators – from hobbyists and small businesses, to companies in fields as diverse as agriculture and construction, to filmmaking and research. DJI drones are also widely used by public safety agencies and first responders to keep communities safe.

Passing HR 2864 would take away their access to DJI drones and have a significant and immediate impact on Americans across the country. To be clear: 

  • HR 2864 would shutter American businesses and disrupt the drone market

A recent survey by the Drone Service Providers Alliance found that restrictions like HR 2864 could lead to the closure of 67% of American small drone businesses, including those who directly use drones in their work as well as those who sell drones, develop drone software or provide drone services to clients in industries like construction or insurance. The impact of HR 2864 would go even farther, too; it would severely disrupt the drone market in the United States as operators scramble to find alternatives, leading to product shortages and higher costs for all users.

  • HR 2864 would put lives at risk

DJI drones are used by first responders across the country for their unique and essential missions, from responding to 911 calls to finding missing children to keeping officers safe during SWAT situations. If public safety agencies can no longer access these tools, they lose access to critical situational awareness in these high-stakes situations, risking American lives.

  • DJI drones are safe and secure

DJI has invested heavily in robust safety and security protections as well as expanded user privacy controls for our products. For example: 

    • Flight logs, images or videos are not shared with DJI by default. Operators have to opt-in to sync this data with DJI. 
    • DJI products have undergone third-party security audits and certification since 2017.
    • Operators who want to take extra data security precautions can easily choose to activate Local Data Mode (and even switch on their mobile’s ‘airplane mode’) for added peace of mind, meaning the flight app is disconnected from the internet.

Congress should not base drone policymaking on fear-mongering statements that have no basis in fact, especially not while ignoring the evidence and the real-world impact and stories of those who would be hurt by HR 2864. 

Forging ahead with this bill in the face of its very clear and dire consequences, just because of the drones’ country of manufacture, is nothing more than geopolitically-driven xenophobia.   

What Happens Next? 

The Countering CCP Drones Act will negatively impact the industry and community of drone operators it claims to protect. This is the time for the drone community to make its voice heard among policymakers in order to help them make clear-eyed decisions based on facts and how drones are actually used in real world applications. Visit the Drone Advocacy Alliance to learn more. 


Get The Facts is a content series where we raise, and address, allegations and misconceptions lodged against DJI in the public domain. We invite you to view other articles in the series by visiting ViewPoints, The Official DJI Blog. 


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