Helena Samsioe, GLOBHE: Leading a global drone data marketplace

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The Secret To DJI’s Market Leadership

DJI’s success is built on being an industry first mover, achieving scale, and passing on those benefits to consumers through fairer prices and higher..

Companion Anti-DJI Legislation is Expected to be Introduced in the U.S. Senate

The Countering CCP Drones Actwas included in the House version of the FY25 National Defense Authorization Act, which passed through the House of..

DJI to Disable Flight Records Sync in the U.S. and Remove Thumbnail Previews Globally

While flight records, images, and videos are not collected and synced with DJI by default across DJI’s consumer and enterprise drone products, drone..

Get The Facts: U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security Hearing on Law Enforcement Use of Drones

On May 16, the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee’s Emergency Management and Technology and Counterterrorism, Law Enforcement,..

Get The Facts: DJI in the United States

There is increasing concern that the recent passing of the TikTok bill in Congress will act as a precedent for other pending legislation against..

Drones Help Count Orangutans in Borneo: A Technological Leap for Conservation.

Watch how drones help count Orangutans in Borneo:

In the heart of the biodiverse rainforests of Borneo, a unique and beautiful primate can only..

DJI Profiles - Florian Ledoux - Polar Obsession

Florian Ledoux is a wildlife photographer with a deep love for the Arctic and its wildlife, especially polar bears. He steps onto the ice, with a..

Get The Facts: The Countering CCP Drones Act Will Hinder The American Drone Ecosystem

A recent hearing on the “Countering CCP Drones Act” (also known as HR 2864) references several unsubstantiated allegations about DJI drones, yet did..