DJI Drones: Get the Facts

DJI places the highest priority on data privacy – and puts customers in control of their data's use.

Our rival drone-makers are stirring up..

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DJI Profiles - Andras Ra - The Hyperlapse Wizard

At the DJI Cafe, where creativity and innovation intertwine, we embarked on a captivating journey with Andras Ra, celebrated as the "Wizard of..

The DJI Mini Series And The 120m Altitude Limit In The EU

DJI is aware that some drone pilots in the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland were concerned about the 120m altitude limitation..

Project TREE: A World Photography Award Winner

Project TREE is a collection of images that were all taken with the help of a spotlight attached to a DJI drone and won third place in the SONY World..

DJI Profile Stephane Couchoud The FPV Artist

French filmmaker Stéphane Couchoud is a unique master of cinematography, regularly unveiling the seamless fusion of DJI's cutting-edge video..

DJI Profile Stephane Couchoud L'Artiste du FPV

Le réalisateur Stéphane Couchoud est un des prodiges de la scène de la réalisation de film drone FPV actuelle. Avec un arsenal de techniques et..

Supporting Wilderness International To Save Rainforests

The air is filled with the sounds of birds and insects, sunlight filters through the dense canopy of trees, creating dappled patterns on exotic..

Europe: The C1 Label for Your Mavic 3 & Cine is Available! Here's How to Get One.

The new classification makes flying both Mavic 3 aircrafts as easy as it can get. And we’ll get you there in 5 easy steps.

Run. Film. Stream: How DJI Technology Revolutionizes Outdoor Sports On Live TV

Trail running has been on the rise in recent years. The sport's growing popularity is due partly to social media, where enthusiasts often share their..