Raising Standards: An Update On DJI’s ‘Elevating Safety’ Drone Safety Plan

It’s been two years since DJI set a new standard for drone safety. We launched our “Elevating Safety” 10-point plan for industry-wide drone safety in..

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Class Identification Labels...What's the story?

On 15th April, DJI launched our new benchmark drone for capturing incredible imagery with the new DJI Air 2S. The drone has excited many people from..

FAA Remote ID: What it Means for You and Your DJI Drone

Drones are growing up. A decade ago, flying a drone was just a fun hobby that drew curious stares; today, drones are everywhere, doing important and..

Drones Are The Future of Wildland And Wildfire Management – If We Allow Them To Be

This year stands as the worst year for wildfires on record in California and across much of the western United States. Five of the six largest fires..

You Already Knew Drones Are Safe. Here’s More Proof, By The Numbers.

Drones are the safest form of aviation the world has ever known. That’s a bold claim – but it’s true. At DJI, we know this because we’ve done the..

How Drones Can Contribute to Fighting COVID-19 in the US

With the full scope of COVID-19 still being debated by health experts across the globe, nearly one-fourth of the reported cases are from the United..