Why We Made DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro is the newest and most powerful drone in our Mini series, which builds the industry’s best technology into the smallest and safest..

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Interview with DJI Air 2S Product Manager: Making a Simplified Flight Experience with Professional Level Results

In April 2020, the launch of Mavic Air 2 was greeted with wide acclaim from aerial photographers, creators, and drone enthusiasts. Now, one year..

A Long-Awaited Flying Dream: A Word from DJI FPV’s Product Manager

On launched March 2, DJI launched DJI PFV, an entirely new type of drone that combines the first-person view and high-speed performance of racing..

Interview with DJI Mini 2's Product Manager

DJI Mini 2 is the successor of DJI’s original Mavic Mini with comprehensive improvements on image quality, flight performance, and user experience...

Secrets Behind Drone Propellers: Interview with a DJI Engineer

To discover more about drone propellers, DJI Focus magazine sat down with an engineer from DJI’s R&D Team. The following is an excerpt from that..

Small Wonder: An Interview with the Osmo Pocket Design Team

In November 2018, DJI released to the world a new product designed to revolutionize the way we take photos and achieve stable, smooth video. We..

DJI Developers Share the Secret of Our Success

Part I: Innovation First

DJI is proud to be considered the world’s leading civilian drone technology company today, but we don’t take our success for..

Revealing the Secrets Behind Ronin-SC

Handheld gimbals have become a huge part of how consumers realize the creative vision in their mind. DJI has unfailingly put their customers first,..

The Chase: Gimbal Technology and the Endless Push for Innovation

As a powerful tool for aerial photography and videography, drones garner much of their attention for their camera and flight capabilities. But the..