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Stay Home Stay Creative: Winner Spotlight

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the whole world, and we are all practicing social distancing. We want to use ViewPoints as a place of support. We are calling on the global community to stay home and stay creative with DJI. While we are facing a difficult time, we can turn it into an opportunity. Do something. Learn a new skill. Overcome a challenge. Whatever you choose to do, capture it and share it with the world. Add #StayHomeStayCreative to your social media post to connect with others making moments in the safety of their homes. Every Friday, we will reward one contributor with a DJI product to show our appreciation.

Our latest winner, Abril Borjas, is a content creator and blogger from Guadalajara, Mexico. A constant traveler with an eye for adding whimsical elements to her photos, Abril has turned the challenge of staying at home into a canvas for new forms of expression. Her edited photo of multiple versions of herself dealing with life indoors is something we can all relate to! More than anything, we appreciate the community for making the best of a difficult moment. Abril shares her creative tips so you can make your own moment, no matter your situation.




Q: What gave you the idea for this particular photoshoot?

A: During this quarantine, I’ve challenged myself to share only photos that were made while staying at home, instead of the easier alternative of uploading photos that that were shot on previous trips or activities before the current events. For this particular shoot: as we all have been doing, I stopped going out and socializing with other people, increasing the time that I spent with myself. So I wanted to make funny a picture representing this.


Q: Do you regularly make creations like this?

A: I do! I always try to experiment with new styles and creative ideas for my instagram account. I love to show the process that I used to create them, and I really like to teach people how I came up with the idea and the steps that I followed to execute it. I’m always sharing tips, behind-the-scenes videos, and tutorials with my followers so they can create their own versions.




Q: What are important considerations to make or tips you have if someone wants to do this particular shot for the first time?

A: Here’s a few ideas that helped me with this project:

  1. Don’t move your camera! Try to use a tripod and a remote shutter so your camera stays fixed in the same position between shots. This will make it way easier to merge all of the different poses in a single photo.
  2. Pick a cool background with stable lights. Try to find a place with fixed lights so all the shadows and lights keep constant between shots.
  3. Show all of your moods! Try to express a different personality with each pose. Take into account the space you’re going to take with each one so none of them overlap.
  4. Look at the right direction! If you’re planning to shoot an interaction between two or more of your clones it might get a bit difficult to look in the right direction. To help you with this, come up with all of the poses beforehand, then try to place a mark or an object in the wall  behind of each one these at the same height that your eyes. With this in place you can simply look in the direction of that object or mark to make it look like you’re looking at someone else.


Q: How important is pursuing and expressing creativity for you, both in normal times and especially in the moment we’re in?

A: It is really important. As any other skill, it is necessary to keep practicing to keep it on point. I think that we can use this situation in our favor by trying to come up with ideas with the current limitations, forcing us to find inspiration in places that we didn’t even imagine before.


Q: Have you thought about what you’ll be making with your new Osmo product?

A: OMG, yes! I have tons of ideas, but the one that I really want to do, is to record a video of my daily routine during the day using all kind of crazy angles and movements. Like following my movements while I get up from bed, fixing the camera to me while I work out in my living room, etc.

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