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The Ronin 4D: Empowering Creativity and Redefining Filmmaking

7-Eleven has established itself as a globally recognized symbol of convenience and accessibility. With a presence in 19 countries, their stores serve millions of customers annually. For this global brand, visual storytelling has become a powerful tool for engaging customers and franchisees for corporate training videos, food and beverage promotions, product photography, as well as virtual reality experiences. This is where Scott O'Reilly, a skilled director and producer of video and photography content, shines within 7-Eleven’s media creative team.

When the opportunity to collaborate with the brand arose, Scott's enthusiasm was undeniable. "It felt like everything I had done prior had led me to 7-Eleven," he remarked. As a self-taught media creator, Scott's unorthodox approach to directing and video production sets him apart, as he continually seeks innovative ideas and tools to improve his on-set workflow and efficiency.

Reflecting on his journey, Scott reveals his anticipation for the Ronin 4D, dating back to 2015 when he first encountered the DJI Osmo. He shares, "I have always longed for a genuine cinema camera that embodies the Osmo's design philosophy. While many fixate on finding the 'perfect camera' and dwell on limitations, I have always been more intrigued by the problems that can be solved." The announcement of the Ronin 4D delighted Scott, as it closely resembled the camera of his dreams. Without hesitation and driven by his unwavering belief in its capabilities, he eagerly ordered the Ronin 4D as soon as he could.

Working in 7-Eleven's bustling locations presented unique challenges for Scott. Capturing footage amidst the abundance of products and the continuous flow of customers demanded dexterity and agility. The Ronin 4D swiftly emerged as an invaluable tool, enabling Scott to effortlessly locate the ideal shot, seamlessly step in, and capture it without disrupting the store. "With the Ronin 4D, I can effortlessly position the camera precisely where it needs to be, producing shots that rival those captured with a tripod or slider. The remarkable outcome straight out of the camera is truly exceptional," said Scott.

While always focused on getting his shot, Scott is equally committed to limiting his disruption to a store’s operations as a video production philosophy. He explains, "I strive to minimize the equipment I employ and expedite the shooting process. The Ronin 4D has been an instrumental asset in both regards, significantly reducing setup times, enabling complex shots in a single take, and often eliminating the need for a tripod."

Upon integrating the Ronin 4D into his workflow, Scott came to appreciate its outstanding performance, transcending mere functionality. "The Ronin 4D's X9 camera excels in low-light conditions, surpassing expectations. Previously, I would have switched to a traditional camera in certain locations, but now I find myself effortlessly filming with the Ronin 4D without interruption. The built-in ND filters facilitate seamless transitions from exterior to interior shots, while the camera's remarkable dynamic range further enhances the quality of the visuals."

Scott predicts that the Ronin 4D will usher in a revolution within the film industry, saying, "Directors, directors of photography, and entire crews will come to realize the unprecedented speed at which shots can be achieved with smaller teams. Fewer takes, streamlined communication, and reduced budgets will bestow unparalleled freedom in translating their creative vision into reality."


As a corporate videographer, Scott consistently collaborates with nonprofessional talent, emphasizing the importance of minimizing takes to capture the perfect shot. He’s found that the Ronin 4D drastically increases the likelihood of nailing the desired shot on the first attempt noting, "Whatever you can imagine, the Ronin 4D is poised to help you capture it flawlessly. Undoubtedly, it is my favorite camera at present, even before considering its remarkable built-in stabilization."

Scott, now a devoted advocate of the Ronin 4D, praises its ability to inspire creativity on his projects, complementing his own artistic vision. "The Ronin 4D allows me to promptly translate the shots envisioned in my mind into reality. The resulting visuals often surpass my initial expectations. This grants me the time and confidence to explore creative endeavors that I would otherwise hesitate to undertake with alternative setups."

"The biggest impact has been time saved. I can unpack the Ronin 4D and be up and filming in minutes. Getting shots quickly translates to a less stressful set, creating a more relaxed and creative production. I have time to look for alternate takes or camera moves on the fly," Scott explains, highlighting the transformative impact of the Ronin 4D on his shoots.

Versatility, in equal measure to functionality, sets the Ronin 4D ecosystem apart from other film cameras. The introduction of the Ronin 4D-8K and the Ronin 4D Flex further expands the possibilities for creators who endeavor to shoot without limitation.

 When the Ronin 4D Flex was announced in early 2023, Scott knew the potential the flexible camera movement system would unlock. "The Ronin 4D Flex has transformed the way I approach shoots. The Ronin 4D's quick setup, enables a less stressful set. This creates an environment that allows for more spontaneous shots and camera moves," Scott explains.

 "I'm really enjoying the Ronin 4D Flex, as it allows the Ronin 4D to be more of an all-purpose camera. It’s a stealthy camera package and a safe car rig option with minimal external gear," he said reflecting on his experience with the Ronin 4D Flex. The flexibility of the Flex enables him to raise the rig over his head for jib-style shots and long takes, opening up new possibilities for camera movements.


The highly anticipated Ronin 4D-8K was another upgrade to the Ronin 4D that Scott was instantly sold on, purchasing it as soon as it hit the market. "I was completely satisfied with the 4D-6K but made the purchase knowing that the 8K would mean more frame rates and of course more resolution that could be tapped for a truly high production value image. I found the cost for these features to be too good to pass up and, much like I do with anything DJI, I ordered it sight unseen."

Once again, the camera exceeded his expectations and he began shooting nonstop with the Ronin 4D-8K. While he is certain that all productions would benefit from the Ronin 4D-8K, he thinks the upgrade would be particularly beneficial to existing 6K users, noting "this is a smart upgrade because the interchangeable head offers a low cost for entry to filming in 8K RAW."

As both a professional and an enthusiast, Scott is always in search of the best possible tools for his projects, and believes he has found an all-in-one camera solution that will bolster the quality his film projects for many years to come.

"The Ronin 4D produces beautiful, stabilized images that matches some of the highest production values in the business, however its true superpower is time savings. I am getting shots faster than ever with results that almost always surpass my expectations when I review the footage in the edit bay. No matter what you need to do, the Ronin 4D ecosystem will get you there faster. There are almost no limitations!"

The Ronin 4D’s unmatched stabilization and world-class camera quality, plus the added adaptability of the Flex and performance of the 8K, set a new standard in the industry. The system not only revolutionizes the way filmmakers approach their shoots but also elevates the quality and range of creative possibilities. By empowering film crews to operate efficiently with smaller teams, reducing production costs, and raising the bar for image quality, the Ronin 4D, 6K and 8K, and the Ronin 4D Flex stand as indisputable game-changers in the world of filmmaking.


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