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Japan Drone Laws: Transforming to Save Agriculture

Japan is a country with an incredibly rich and celebrated agricultural history. However, it is confronted by a severe problem in terms of human resources. There are not enough people to continue farming the way it has been done. Agriculture in Japan is suffering due to a decrease in number of farmers and an increase in average age.




Japan has always been at the forefront of adopting useful technology. When it comes to agriculture, farmers are increasingly embracing the benefits and possibilities of drone technology. Employing aircraft enables more efficiency and precision, which saves time when spraying pesticides and monitoring crop conditions. Using agricultural drones also results in more production with fewer people while protecting them from prolonged exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

“The agriculture drones made by DJI really fit the Japanese market, where lots of small and medium-sized farmland,” said Kazuyuki Mizunuma, CEO of Japan Agri-Service. “Users are able to enjoy flight stability, great cost efficiency, and prompt after-sales support with the help of nationwide sales agencies.”

Overall, agricultural drones are making great strides. The number of agricultural drones being used in Japan is increasing, as are the types of fields on which they can be used. Unfortunately, an outdated legislative system in Japan was holding back the latest technology: agricultural drones with a camera and autopilot function. This older system hindered the use of drones with new and improved technology, making it unnecessarily difficult for farmers. Additionally, they had to deal with outdated and complex procedures to gain flight approval from authorities. For these reasons and more, it was extremely important for Japan to update its legislation and the way drone technology was viewed in regards to agriculture.




That’s why DJI has actively cooperated with the Japanese government to develop a new legislative system starting July 2019 for the latest agriculture drone expansion. Under the new system, DJI will continue promoting the spread of agriculture drones in Japan through education, certification of agriculture drone operators, and flight application service for users.

There is an incredible amount of potential present, and DJI will continue trying to help simplify drone use in any sector. It would be very beneficial for Japan to successfully embrace agricultural drone technology and demonstrate to the world the potential benefits that will accrue on a constantly growing and changing planet.

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