Why Did DJI Create a 249-Gram Drone?

The all-new DJI Mini 3 Pro and DJI Mini 3 are here. These camera drones arrive as the most advanced ultra-compact drone that DJI has ever made,..

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Raising Standards: An Update On DJI’s ‘Elevating Safety’ Drone Safety Plan

It’s been two years since DJI set a new standard for drone safety. We launched our “Elevating Safety” 10-point plan for industry-wide drone safety in..

FAA Remote ID: What it Means for You and Your DJI Drone

Drones are growing up. A decade ago, flying a drone was just a fun hobby that drew curious stares; today, drones are everywhere, doing important and..

You Already Knew Drones Are Safe. Here’s More Proof, By The Numbers.

Drones are the safest form of aviation the world has ever known. That’s a bold claim – but it’s true. At DJI, we know this because we’ve done the..

How I Know DJI Doesn’t Have Your Drone Data

Our recent launch of the world’s first consumer drone with ADS-B aircraft detection safety technology, Mavic Air 2, reminded me of the original..

We Strongly Support Drone Remote ID. But Not Like This.

DJI wants governments to require Remote ID for drones, but the FAA has proposed a complex, expensive, and intrusive system that would make it harder..

Setting the Record Straight on DJI Drone Data Security

It is disappointing to hear that some people – including the author of arecent White House op-ed– are deliberately spreading falsehoods about what..